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I was gifted in the $200 group. I know other might not think $1400 after the regifting is alot of money. But with our teenage daughter being home for school our power bill and food bill have drastically increased. And this help covered that difference. With a job that offers no OT and no raises for the past 5 years it is nice to even have just a little extra.

- Dominique Thompson

I have been blessed over and over again. Words cannot express how this has changed my mindset and life. I've been Blessed and Gifted. Can't wait to see what's next.

- David Hunter

The Loadu$ App has absolutely been a blessing to my family and friends. This is a life changing opportunity and I am so excited about the vision and the mission. I know that God is going to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can imagine. Thank you Shauniece for running with the vision. This is what I have prayed for.

- Carolyn Ritter-Watson

Before this group I had been “recruited” by other groups similar and passed because I couldn’t align with the message. The day I was presented with the mindset of this group by a close family member, I was IN! Not because of the return on gifts, but because of her passion and the passion of the owners and admins around building generational wealth and prosperity! This group is far above others because of the mindset and when I was in the water the first time, I was able to bless a few people including my mom who is near retirement but not financially where she would like to be to make that happen! This group is on to something BIGGER than financial gain and I will forever SHARE the love and SUPPORT all my people to reach our goals because we are BETTER TOGETHER

- Dominique Williams

What I love about LOADUS is the different levels available to all as well as the mentality of the people. We are not all at the same place financially and LOADUS provides an opportunity for us all to win! My daughter is headed to college in a couple weeks. Because of being gifted in the LOADUS $1400 group, I was able to satisfy much of her financial obligations this semester. As the word says, the last will be first and the first will be last. I believe it! The best is yet to come for US!!!

- -Christa Butler

I am a 17 year old Freshman- and this community has been a huge blessing for me! I am thankful for this opportunity to help my mom and myself while in school. There is nowhere that I could go wait a short period of time and be blessed in this capacity. Loadus is changing lives~

- Zoie

I’m super excited to be apart of a well oiled community!! I’m so freakin proud of the creators of this community who had a vision, made it plain and made it happen. I pray that all is well with each and everyone of you and I bless upon you all of Gods richest blessings that he has for each and everyone of you.

- Will Green

I am proud to be apart of the Loadus Family!

I have been telling everybody about the Loadus app and how it has really has helped me. I can’t wait to hit that Billionaire mark! 

- Crystal Daye

I can’t let this opportunity go by without saying what a Blessing LoadUs Family has been to me!! It was God ordained that God connected me to the creators  and the whole LoadUS Family. This has Truly been a Blessing to my friends and family, that I invited. I can say that this was the icing on the cake!! I Retired on disability with US Postal Service last year. My Goal was to get my basement finished in my new home!! But God surpassed that!! I had a lot of credit card debt but can now say I’m debt free and my credit score has gone up 100 plus points!! This works family!!! Just stay faithful and positive!!! I have Flowers in all tiers but I don’t worry because I know this works!! So hang tight!! Your Blessing is on the Way!!

- Varonda Williams

Just wanted to share what a tremendous blessing this has been for my family.  I pulled in numerous other family members and friends.  We had been praying for the funds to pay for college tuition and the opportunity to bless others.  This has allowed us to do both.  I had no idea how it was going to happen but I just kept believing that God would come through.  When I received a phone call from 3 friends in the same week about this money pool I knew God had answered my prayers.  Thank you to my Pastor/friend Carolyn Ritter Watson and the Wallace-Johnson family!!!! Our prayers are with you for great success as you walk by faith on this marvelous journey!

- Natalie Williams

First want to thank god and also want to thank my wife,  my mom, & the creators for presenting this opportunity to me and my family it blessed us tremendously plus others that we are connected to. This opportunity allow us to put more money in our savings. 

- Diwan Onley


- Frank T

I'm happy that I closed 1 $25 and $50 flower. Can't wait to get blessed on my other flowers. Being patient. Pure donating works!!!!

- Latrice Watkins

Started from the bottom ($25),now we here, ($500)! The journey is real!!

- Colette Pettigrew

Since Launch Day, this community has helped me close 1-$400, 2-$300, 2-$100, 1-$50 and 3-$25.

Thank you family!!! Let’s keep pushing ??

- Keyanna Baker

I have been fully funded on a few flowers and working on closing more as we speak!

- Lajuana Douglas

Over the last 2 weeks I have closed(fully funded) 2 $25 flowers and 1 $100 flower. Thank you LOADUS for this amazing platform

- Peggy Jones

Thank you Loadus. Over the last 2 weeks I have closed the following:

(1) $25

(1) $50

(2) $100

And currently working on closing my $300 & $400 campaigns.


I have pure donated $200 to help others with their campaigns. I love networking and helping the community along the way.

- Peggy Cunningham

Thank you LOADUS!!

We started a new Group called Winners Circle. Our $50,$100,$250,$500,$700 and $1400 has been doing amazing.! We have rejuvenated the community with great possibilities of a platform with longevity.   

- Lance Forrest

I have closed one 300 and one 50! Thank you Loadus

- Kia Coleman

Thank you loadus,I was able to close one $25 and i was also fully funded on 4 others. I AM LOVING IT!

- Catherine McNeil