Hello Loadus members, thank you for your support. We are making some important additions to the site soon, and we need your help. To donate, & help us help thousands of others, go to the loadus library & click donate!

How It Works


1. Start your fundraiser

  • Set your fundraiser goal and create the amount of fundraiser payout totals that are equivalent to your fundraising goal.
  • Tell your story
  • Add a picture or video
  • (video tutorial coming soon)


2. Share with family & friends

  • Send emails
  • Send text messages
  • Share on social media
  • (Video tutorial coming soon)


3. Receive, Recycle and Manage donations

  • Accept donations and while you are being funded, you are sending a portion of your donations to assist another campaign ower.
  • Thank donors
  • All funds are sent straight to each campaign owner directly.


Here's how to create a successful fundraising experience here on LoadU$ in a few easy steps.

1. Sign up and Subscribe(Free basic, Loadu$ pro, or Loadu$ Pro business)

2. Find out what your funding goal is. That will determine how many campaigns you will need send your initial contributions to. (The max is 5 live for a lifetime). *Note:After you have closed all 5, you can create 5 more.

3. Find the campaigns you want to donate to, request to join flower, send funds, and get accepted. After organizer has recevied your funds and you have been accepted on that flower, you will automatically have campaigns created for you in that particular level under "My campaigns" in your profile.

4. Begin promoting your campaings by sending them to all of your social media outlets and even family and friends you know personally.

5. While you are receiving, you will be assisting others as well. Meaning, after receiving your 1st and 3rd full fire donation, you will be promted to donate some funds in that same level, and donate funds to the higher level above you. The donate back is a pure donation, the auto level up secures another campaign for you to advertise as well.

6. Collect all of your walk away funds with no hidden fees attached.


If a member wants to just create their own individual campaigns to share with family and friends to assist with fund raising, they have the ability to donate in the initial contribution and then have their campaign(s) automatically created under their any membership subscription. All funds collected after the auto donate up and back are funds the organizer keeps with no processing fees attached. The only thing required to begin a campaign is donating a one time out of pockect contribution that goes towards assisting another organizer. This is how we continue to cycle funds amongst our funding community. While you are effortlessly collecting funds, a memeber has access to all of the other amazing amentities we have(see our featured benefits on the home page).

For a better vivsual on how to join a campaign and the creation of your own, review the presentation below and begin raising funds the Loadu$ way.