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About Us


LOADU$ is the number one minority owned crowdsourcing and public funding platform in the world. 
We understood the need as a collective to co-create a safe haven for the black and Latino communities. 
We are also legally registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that produces a unique & sustainable way for our members to raise funds.

Our core's essence is strongly backed by financial education, sharing/ exchanging resources, goods, services, & networking. We are a community based Fintech app that has created a new eco-system for the Black & Latino culture.

Here, you can donate to any campaign to aid many businesses in their startups, donate to personal causes such as buying real estate or paying off debt, or saving for rainy days. You can learn how to start your business, get access to an array of discounts and benefits, get assistance to building a strong credit profile & receive the proper education on financial management.



The soul mission of LoadU$ is to become the number one Fintech app where people can utilize the vast variety of tools to be the building blocks to each one's success. To provide avenues for our members to utilize and apply given resources  inside of the community to gain business knowledge, financial literacy, raise money through our unique crowdfunding campaigns, connect with other like-minds, and essentially prepare to attain wealth for future generations.


Our vision is to bridge the wealth gap between cultures & communities while simultaneously teaching economic essentials majority of us did not have access to. Our vision is to broaden the horizons of the many different paths to financial freedom. To provide equal wealth sharing rights to all disenfranchised communities. 
Loadus gives each individual the tools to shift their mindsets while exploring all the amenities we have to offer.


As the crowd funding aspect can benefit us all, Loadus does not allow our participants to force sign ups or guarantee return on investments, as all of the money here are pure donations. We encourage all to give willingly without expectation of receiving. 
This all in one web app is key to building a tangible dream for anyone who joins.